The Reason Why Diets Do Not Work
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The Reason Why Diets Do Not Work

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Dieting is a large part of western culture, you have the South Beach Diet, the Cabbage diet, Fit Teas, Juicing Diets, the list goes on. As consumers, we can become addicted to the fresh start of a diet and the gratification we feel when we see our bodies change. However, because of the nature of many of these diets maintaining the weight we lose is statistically low. This raises the question as to why don’t diets work?

Diets put people in the wrong mental state and place value on the wrong things.

Diets are often geared toward losing weight, as opposed to building a healthy body.

Severe dieting can result in muscle loss and kidney failure.

Dieting can trigger binge eating.Dieting can make you food obsessed.

Dieting can cause constipation, and having toxic materials in your body for a prolonged period of time can cause severe health problems down the line.

If you want to be successful in your goals you need to consider this

  • what does this diet consist of?
  • whos behind the diet?
  • what are the risks?
  • what are the results?

Successful weight loss is hard work you have to be married to it if you want to see longterm change.

Here is How to Succeed at Weight Loss

  • Eat enough to satisfy your appetite.
  • Eat protein for breakfast, and avoid eating 3 hours before bed.
  • Combine protein, fat and low-glycemic, non-starchy carbs (vegetables, fruit, small amounts (less than half a cup of grains and beans) at each meal. Fat and protein and fiber slow insulin spikes.
  • Focus on very low-glycemic foods as the staples of your diet. Nuts, seeds, chicken, fish, meats VERY sparingly, low-glycemic veggies (greens, salad fixings, etc.)
  • Use grains and beans sparingly (not more than a half cup once a day each).
  • Don’t use artificial sweeteners – they trigger sweet receptors, hunger and slow metabolism leading to obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Use sugar as a drug – in very small doses. And all sugar is the same. If you have to ask “is ______ OK?” It isn’t.

It’s important to stay on track while you are on your fitness journey, Yo-Yo Dieting can cause damage to the bodies metabolism and can keep you from losing weight in the future.