Three Ideas to Deal With Depression & Anxiety
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Three Ideas to Deal With Depression & Anxiety

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Depression and anxiety are still listed as infamous mental health illnesses in the U.S. Nowadays people are trying to fight the stigma — trying to receive help and participate in frequent doctor visits. Even though therapy may help some others comfort themselves in daily activities. Let’s be honest, sometimes life gets the best of us. If too much is going on or if there is too much free time, you might feel overwhelmed or stressed. Here are some ways people deal with their depression and anxiety that you can try too.

  1. Art Therapy
    If you have an artistic mind, you would probably like this advice. Coloring has become a popular activity among adults. Therefore, it’s not just a child pursuit. Studies from New Zealand has concluded that adult color books has mental health benefits by calming the mind. It induces a mindful-meditative state when choosing colors and focusing on the design. It has no rules, and there is no wrong way of doing so. If you’re not into coloring, it’s okay. The practice of this therapy is not just drawing and colors – but looking at art itself.  Studies have been established that when a person stares at art, it calms the mind. So it’s time to take a cultural trip to your local art exhibit.
  2. Read or Write
    Want some alone time? If you’re the type of a person to snuggle under the covers and want to figure out a way to get the energy out of the system, you can easily escape to another world with a book in hand. What kind of genre is more attracting to you? From romance to poetry — whatever eases your mind. If reading is not your forte, you can always grab a pen. Write a mock letter to someone you love (or someone you dislike) and let all the negative energy out through your words on the piece of paper. Then, throw it out or keep it! Whether or not you want to keep the memoir of your unsent letter, its good that you release your thoughts and emotions even if its just for your eyes only.
  3. Exercise
    Run! Dance! Do Yoga! Let the blood flow through your body. We know, getting up and getting out may not seem tempting, but if you run with mother nature you’ll always be entertained. You are releasing endorphins as you exercise. It may not feel like it at first, however as you get into the motions you’ll see a shift in your emotions.

These suggestions are only a couple of other activities people can participate to release their depression and anxiety away. There are other options that are beneficial that you can take into consideration. Though if you decide to try one of these, which one would you choose?