Three Spa Treatments and Their Benefits
A woman getting a massage for her back.

Three Spa Treatments and Their Benefits

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Don’t you love to relax?

We do too. And for the ladies (men too) the spa is the best place to unwind. With massages, facials and sauna treatments, what’s more to ask for when you want to feel pampered.

Do you think there is a relation to the spa treatments and relieving stress and anxiety? It makes sense when you think about it. We feel relaxed and rejuvenated and it’s not because we feel pampered. You might think a spa is helping out physical attributes, but some treatments may even help our mental being. Here are a few:

1. Hot Stone Massage and Oil Baths: Usually people prefer a massage when they feel stress. Hot stones massages are famous for releasing the nerves. In many traditions such as the ones in China and Hawaii, they use a hot stone massage for therapy when dealing with anxiety and depression. However, spa director, Sandy Lam, also suggests a bath decorated with citrus oils. The smell of lavender and bitter orange gives of the feeling of calmness. This can easily be done at home as well.

2. Acupuncture: This is for the daring people. May seem scary but a professional knows the placements to end your physical pain. That is the end goal to this practice. Acupuncture goes way back to the traditional Chinese culture. There has been medical studies that show not only does acupuncture help with sore muscles, but alleviates depression, nausea and might help with infertility. This needle therapy mends changes to your body such as the processing of hormones and resistant reactions. It might seem weird during the first appointment, but many of those who have done it calms their body.

3. Body wraps: These have become very popular in the spa industry. It’s mostly because many women have spoken about it’s weight loss magic. Though, before you think about it you need to know you’ll have to set up multiple appointment to see results – plus there are extra behaviors that play into the weight loss. However, that’s not the only benefit it has. With the mixture of certain herbs a body wrap can take out the water weight, eliminate toxins in your body and help lower blood pressure. The first time you get a wrap, you’ll see a difference. You’re body will feel smoother, tighter and more natural healthier.

So if you’re thinking about going to the spa soon to just pamper up and wind down, know that you’re not only making yourself happy – but also your body.

Therefore, go ahead! Get pampered.