Tips on Dealing with Chronic Pain: Knees
A guy sitting with his knees up in the forest.

Tips on Dealing with Chronic Pain: Knees

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Your knee pain could stem from arthritis or an injury; whatever it is, there are a few methods that could help you relieve the pain that you feel so intensely in your knees.


Keeping up with your daily dose of exercise is important in order to build strength in this area that needs it most. Stretching, weight training and cardio are great for the strengthening and loosening of the knee. You could take a walk, a swim, go biking or perform yoga. Whatever your exercise method is, don’t be afraid to go for it. If you’re unsure just have a talk with your physical therapist or doctor.

Perform the RICE method

RICE stands for: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. By performing these four methods, you could relieve yourself from a lot of pain. Always give the knee a rest, numb the pain with ice, use a compressing bandage to give support and keep the knee in an elevated position for blood flow.

Maintain your Weight

If you try to balance a book on two sticks it will automatically topple over. The same goes towards the body. Maintaining a healthy weight will keep the pressure off of the knee. Most of the weight that you place on your feet are felt by the knees; therefore, by losing weight you may reduce the tension within the knee.

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