Tips on How to Have A Healthier Christmas
A group of friends cheering on Christmas.

Tips on How to Have A Healthier Christmas

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Christmas, along with Thanksgiving is known as a time to spend with friends and family but also a time to indulge. This doesn’t mean you should overindulge, but it is ok to enjoy all of the festivities without too much impact on your health.

Here are some tips on how to have a healthier Christmas:

Don’t Sit Down All Day – We know every Christmas special will be on the TV including sports, but this doesn’t mean you should sit in front of the TV all day. Encourage the family to go for a walk at some point – ideally, after dinner to aid digestion. The more activity, the better.

Don’t become a Christmas Stuffing – It’s probably true that we consume around 3,000 calories or more on Christmas Day. Eating this much could contribute to having indigestion and heartburn for the day. Instead of eating all you can, eat a normal sized meal and take a 20 minute break; if you find you’re still hungry then enjoy more, but chances are you’ll realize you’ve had enough.

Keep Your Distance – Christmas will look different this year and we have to do our best to protect ourselves. Continue to wear your mask and social distance as much as possible. Minimize your risk. Wash your hands often.

Don’t Stress – There’s plenty to stress over during the holidays. You could feel like you are overspending, cooking too much, cleaning all day and it might seem like your to-do list is never ending. Try to keep a sense of humor and proportion. Christmas is just one day out of 365 and it isn’t worth stressing over.

Do Something for Others – Christmas is more than just giving and receiving gifts. Try to do something for others this season. Bake some extra cookies and help out a family in need. You’ll feel better about yourself for doing this.

Be A Careful Cook – December is one of the most common months for people to get food positioning. If you’re cooking on Christmas, take all the necessary steps to minimize that risk. Don’t leave food out all day. Put out small amounts of food at a time, so what is on the table has just been cooked. Try to use any leftovers within 48 hours.

And most importantly, have a happy, healthy and festive season.


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