Tips to Help You Control Your Big Game Eating Habits
A plate of nachos for the big game.

Tips to Help You Control Your Big Game Eating Habits

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Everyone’s favorite day to binge eat is Super Bowl Sunday. While Super Bowl Sunday is quickly approaching, dishes like buffalo chicken dip, a pizza burger or even nachos will be on the menu at your big game party and can quickly add up to lots of calories.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Super Bowl Sunday runs neck and neck with Thanksgiving as America’s top “pig out” day.

Here are some tips on what to do during the before and during the big game to help you control your eating habits.

• Make a game plan
• Eat mindfully
• Think before you fill your plate for a second or third time or grab another beer
• Give your body 20 or 30 minutes to register the fact that it’s full before you go for more food
• Eat your veggies
• Eat salsa instead of creamy dips
• Drink in moderation

Returning to balanced eating and moderate exercise the next day is the best course of action. Restricting intake, fasting or dieting, which is often our tendency after overeating, is not recommended and usually leads to another episode of overeating. Instead, focus on including more fruits and vegetables for their high fiber content, and drink plenty of water to improve digestion and elimination.

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