Three Types of Meditations
A female on the beach doing some meditations.

Three Types of Meditations

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Did you know a little meditation keeps the doctor away?

About 80% of doctor visits are due to stress-related problems. But only a few doctors talk to their patients about stress reduction. Yoga and meditation have surfaced to fame—having at least one out of 10 Americans practice it. Many would suggest practicing meditation in the morning because it prepares the body for the future challenges throughout the day.

Three types of morning meditations

Mindful meditation:

This is focused on living in the present. In mindful meditation, you focus your mind on the experience you have at that moment of meditation (flow of your breath, emotions, and thoughts). It’s a practice where you release all your negative energy before the day.

Qi Gong:

This meditation comes from a traditional Chinese medicine where they combine meditation with physical movements and breathing exercises. It is translated as, “life’s energy” where the earth’s energy is circulating your body. It is used to promote health, spirituality and the practice of martial arts. This type of meditation is used to restore and maintain the balance between your physical and mental being.

Transcendental meditation:

This is a type of mantra meditation. It’s a simple technique where you silently repeat a personal word or phrase to yourself. This may lead your mind into a state of peace without needed effort or concentration. And it gets all the affirmation needed at the beginning of your day.

So if you’re feeling too stressed to go to work, or just had a bad day–try one of these practices and see which one fits you.