Vegetarian, Vegan, Or Pescatarian?
A couple of vegan toasts featuring tomato, avocado and bananas.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Or Pescatarian?

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Most people have gone through it or has tried to get into the lifestyle of veganism – or at least avoiding meat. When you see the words “vegan” and “vegetarian” wouldn’t you think it’s the same thing? If you think so, you’re wrong. Though these are similar in many ways they are slightly different. And while we are at educating the differences between vegan and vegetarian, we’ll throw in one more word for you: Pescatarian.

Have you heard that word before? Just in case you haven’t it’s another term for a person who doesn’t consume meat – but first, let’s start with the basics.


This might be the most popular practice since cheese is a favorite to many. People who practice being vegetarian avoid meat products but generally consume dairy. Though the practice depends on the type of diet. Yes, there are different types of diets in this section so you can pick to your liking.

  • Lacto-Ovo: those who don’t consume meat, but accepts eggs and dairy products.
  • Lacto: those who avoid meat and eggs, but still consumes dairy
  • Ovo: those who avoid meat and dairy products, but still consumes eggs.


Even though we are speaking of vegan as a diet, it is also seen as a type of lifestyle. Think of it as a strict version of practicing being vegetarian – but only consuming fruits, vegetables and grains. That means no eggs, dairy or meat. Vegan also excludes animal-derived ingredients such as honey and carmine. The majority of people who practice is to protect and preserve animal life. Therefore, it’s a good thing that their diet is strictly down to those that are not animal-based products. You can differentiate two types of vegans depending on the practice. Maybe, one fits you if you want to start saving animals by your lifestyle choices.

  • Raw vegan: a practice that is combining vegan and raw foodism – which is food that is uncooked or unprocessed. This means they don’t eat food that needs to be cooked under 118 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Paleo vegan: it’s like the paleo diet but without the meat. If you don’t know about the paleo diet then it’s basically how the Paleolithic ancestors used to feast like. They don’t eat processed food just fresh meat, but in this case, the paleo vegan is strictly on fresh fruits and fresh veggies.

What about pescatarians?

Pescatarians are people who practice a vegetarian diet but unlike vegetarians, they substitute their meat with seafood. Yup, simple. So if you’re looking for another source of protein, you can substitute it with some seafood!