What Are Cysts and When Should You Be Concerned?
A cartoon image of a hand with a cyst.

What Are Cysts and When Should You Be Concerned?

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Just hearing the word, “cysts” sounds disgusting. It also sounds infectious – it’s probably because it can be infectious. If you ever wondered what that lump on your skin is, it may be a pimple – but it can also be a cysts.

What are cysts?

They are like sac-like structures that are usually grown in the follicles of hair and skin. Though, they can be found anywhere on your body. Cysts are made of gas or fluids such as pus; they will leave a bad odor when popped. The good news is that they are usually harmless, noncancerous and heals itself. However, they can get swollen and cause a little pain if not taken care of. If a cysts does bother you in any case, call your primary doctor. They will be able to get rid of it for you.

A cyst will look like a pimple at first. What’s the difference?

A pimple or a zit is usually formed by oil build-up in your pores. It creates a blockage that results in a red bump on your skin. A cyst is more dramatic than that. A cyst forms when the infection goes deep under your skin that creates a sore and itchy bump filled with pus. Just like a pimple, you shouldn’t pick at it or pop it — unless you want to experience a terrible infection or curious of its bad odor. However, we don’t recommend it.

Cysts are considered a low concern. They can be easily taken care of through home remedies. If you want to get rid of a cysts at home, you can apply warm compress on the area to lessen it until it is gone. You would have to do this frequently in order to see results. The warm compress dilates the blood vessels and improves tissue to deliver the nutrients for repair. Most of the time, it’s a pain aesthetically because you feel like you have an infection. If you pick at it, you might! When this happens, it is important to contact your doctor to be prescribe cream for the area.