What Chiropractic Is?
A doctor checking a patient's back.

What Chiropractic Is?

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Chiropractors are often thought of as back pain specialist. The word chiropractic means ‘hands on care.’ Most of the time, neck and back pain is often fixed and resolved through chiropractic treatment. Chiropractors don’t prescribe drugs. They do not do surgery. They use controlled force to restore movement to your joints. Many ask how does regular chiropractic care do to our health and life?

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and miles of nerves that go to every cell and system in our body. The brain talks to each of them by sending messages down the spinal cord and out through the nerves. The cells, systems and organs send information back through the nerves into the spinal cord and up to the brain. This is the communication loop that runs our entire life.

The spine houses and products the nervous system. The healthier the spine, the better it moves and performs at optimal level. Chiropractic runs on the premise that when the spinal joints are restricted in their normal range of motion, it interferes with the ability to protect and allow function of the nervous system. Chiropractors often refer to this as subluxation. Subluxations are spinal joints that are restricted in range of motion interfering with the optimal functioning of the nervous system. Remember, the nervous system controls everything with your body. While pain may result from spinal subluxation, chiropractors acknowledge that there are far more significant vital function that are likely affected, decreasing the individual body’s ability to express optimal health.

The chiropractic adjustment is a tool used by chiropractors to correct spinal subluxation and restore motion to spinal joints. This helps increase the function and expression of the nervous system. This is gentle and effective. When the subluxation is corrected, spinal joint motion is restored and the nervous system is given the opportunity to function at it’s highest possible level.

Chiropractic is about the full expression of health and life. Chiropractic is about facilitating the body’s ability to function and heal at its highest level possible. Less than 20 percent of the nervous system is about to transmit pain. This means the lack of pain is not a great indictor as to the actual health of the nervous system. Pain often resolves with regular chiropractic care and that is phenomenal for quality of life. Chiropractic focuses on the health and function of the structure of the spine to allow optimal health and life expression. When you’re given the proper environment to thrive, the body has a greater chance of showing optimal health.



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