What Exactly Is Tendonitis Anyway?
A man holding his elbow because of tendonitis

What Exactly Is Tendonitis Anyway?

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Chances are you’ve heard of someone who’s had tendonitis. Because it can afflict anyone in any of several different parts of the body, it’s a common complaint and seen in every segment of the population. By definition, tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons in your body. Most patients who are diagnosed with tendonitis often report having engaged in repetitive motions in one part of the body. For example, tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis common among — you guessed it — tennis players. The constant swinging motion puts stress on the tendons in the elbow and, over time, can lead to discomfort.

Similarly, tendonitis is often caused by motions and tasks we often find easy and seamless. Household chores like gardening and shoveling have been known to cause inflammation. On the other hand, activities we enjoy like painting and golfing can cause problems with our tendons.

If you think you’re at risk of tendonitis, a good idea is to ice the affected areas on days you think you’re most susceptible to soreness. You can also buy over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine which well help to reduce swelling and relieve pain. For extreme cases, physical therapy can be necessary, especially for those dealing with tendonitis in high-use areas like elbows, shoulders, and knees.