What Smoking Can Do To You
A cigarette on the side of a building.

What Smoking Can Do To You

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It’s common knowledge on the differences between smokers and non-smokers. Even smokers know what they get themselves into when they take out a cigarette.

About one-third of cancer deaths are caused by tobacco.

That’s the number one thing people remember when they first learned about smoking. Thousands of chemicals enter your body, which can damage the DNA. And even though your body has a repair system – it can wear out over time as more smoking occurs. Therefore, it can change your cleaning cells into cancer cells.

These chemicals can also ruin the air sacs in your lungs and create thicker mucus. In result, they are making it difficult for you to breathe. There may be a chance of obtaining emphysema – a lung condition that causes short breathe. In result, less oxygen will go through your bloodstream.

Speaking of blood, smoking can make your blood to be thick and sticky. Sticky blood will make it harder for your heart to work – it may create blood clots that will interrupt your blood flow all over your body. The damage can increase the chance of experiencing a heart attack.

How about your physical appearance? Smoking LOOKS cool, right? In “Allure” they say that:

“Smoking is like being in your own polluted space.”

With all the restriction smoking can bring, it effects the cells on the outer layer of your body. Less oxygen is processed and can destroy the “natural glow” people adore. Instead, the “smoker face” appears. A smoker face is mostly covered with wrinkles, gray-tone appearance and bags under their eyes. In a study by the “True Activist” they compared twins who have smoked (one smoke longer than the other). It’s not hard to identify who is a long-term smoker and who isn’t. You can easily see the difference between the smoker and the non-smoker faces. The effects can begin in the late-20s or early-30s. Smoking cigarettes may deplete the nutrients the body can consume – which means less vitamin C that helps protect and repair skin damage.

What’s the good side?

If a person decides to quit smoking, the body will slowly repair itself. The immune system will rise, the blood will become thinner and your appearance with clear up. It just takes time.

A healthy life is a better life.