What To Expect When You Visit A Chiropractor


If it’s your first time meeting a chiropractor, here are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your visit runs smoothly.


Medical history:

When you first visit the doctor’s office, you will have to fill out paperwork about your medical history. These forms will also ask your reason of visit and ask where you are in pain, if any. Make sure you can identify what you feel and the reason why you are there to see a chiropractor. They are there to help you. The more information you can give to them about the problem, the more they can help.


Appropriate Attire

The chiropractic office is not for suits or dresses. Make sure when you go to get adjusted you are wearing comfortable clothing; pants are best! The doctor may have you do some physical tests to check your posture and alignment. Also, make sure you’re not wearing a lot of jewelry, sometimes the doctor requests for you to remove jewelry that will interfere with your adjustment. Additionally, on your first visit, they will likely take x-rays and all jewelry needs to be removed for x-rays.


Doctor’s Advice

After your adjustment, your doctor will give you advice on how to take care of your body and flush the newly released toxins from your body. Depending if you get an adjustment or not, the doctor will instruct not to do certain things to prevent any injury or misalignment. Take note and ask questions whenever you have time with your doctor to understand the process and see how your progression is going.

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