The Germs Living in Your Home
A kid washing his hands in the sink.

The Germs Living in Your Home

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Germs are every where especially in certain places within your home. Keeping your home clean and free of germs is the goal of many. You should really know where to focus your attention when you begin cleaning and sanitizing your home.

Here are a few places you should concentrate your attention when you get out your buckets, brooms and mops:

Tap Handles

If you’re a constant hand washer, then there’s a good chance that your tap handle is covered in germs. Everyone in your household touches the tap handles to turn the water on, imagine the collection of external germs that live on the surface of the handle. Give the handles a good wipe with a sanitizer on a daily basis.


Bacteria could be living on your desktop or on your laptop computer. What you would need to do is give it a brief cleaning on a weekly basis or daily if you’re sick. Grab a sanitizing wipe and squeeze out any excess liquid before running it over the keyboard and mouse. Grab a few Q-tips to get in between keys on the keyboard. 

Remote Control

Everyone in your household touches the remote controls. Remote controls are often overlooked in the cleaning department. Think about it for a second, your family members are always touching it. They even touch the controls while eating. Grab your sanitizing wipes and give all the remote controllers in your home a good wipe down. Try to do this a few times a week to prevent bacteria collecting on the surface.